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insert : insert is use for insert data into tables.

INSERT INTO customers (C_Id, Name, City, Address, Phone) VALUES (3, 'lucas', 'taipei', 'street', '07-12345678');

update : If we want to change the data in our tables we use update.

UPDATE customers SET Phone='03-87654321' WHERE Name='lucas';


stored procedure




group by



Using api to get instant coin price data from coinbase.

  • python coinbase package to get data.

Familiar with line developer/line manager webpage usage.

  • create provider account on line developer.
  • messenger api.
  • get channel access token and channel secret.

write python flask script to run server to get message and reply message.

  • write flask scripts.

run ngrok on localhost.

  • let your localhost a website server.
  • webhook settings.

test the application on line account.

  • input message and test the application.



Talking about Statistics !

Why do we need statistics?

Statistics help us to know the trend by data or help to give advice about some decisions. Such like:how is our customer spend between male and female?

What are important content of statistics?

  1. Normal distribution
  2. Sampling distribution
  3. Probability
  4. Descriptive statistics and plotting.



Decision making analysis(in finance industry)

In finance industry, the manager or ceo prefer to use data to decide some of the strategy. So if you are a data analyst in finance comp there must be some decision making tasks in your work mission. There are some cases I have counter before.

  1. CIF client report:
  • Goal:handling the client amount situations.
  • Client vip distribution(YOY,MOM)

2. Sub client cluster:family client, salary client

  • Goal:know the picture of each sub client cluster, and promote diff campaign for it.
  • family vip distribution, salary vip comp categories.

3.client product penatration

  • 40–60 old client have 30% buy insurance.
  • Deposit client have 50% have insurance product.

4.kpi report

  • How is each channel mutual fund product do(client amount,amount,volume,revenue)

5.year report

  • Year performance of insurance client,volume,revenue. cross compare between different channel,different year.



Lucas chang

Lucas chang

graduate from applied statistic in Taiwan Good at Machine Learning, Text mining, Deep Learning, Data Analysis....